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How to Manage a Rock Star FAQ

Hello School of Rock Johns Creek Parents,

Or should I say… Rock Star Managers!

Managing a Rock Star can be a lot of work. That’s why I felt I could give you guys a little extra help with this handy “How To Manage A Rock Star FAQ”.

Where do I even start?

First off we can start out by downloading and getting signed into an important App (or two, depending on the program).

The most important app is the School of Rock Method App. This app has all of our song transcriptions, Method Books, and exercises that we use in lessons, rehearsals, and assignments for home practice.

Method App accounts are tied to the parent/guardian's Pike13 account that you created at the time of enrollment. Another option is to click on the “Set Up Email and Password Login”. This option still requires the use of the parent/guardian account holder’s email, BUT you can create an easy to remember password for your Rock Star that they can use without the risk of them having access to billing info, plans, etc.

The School of Rock Method App can be downloaded in the App Store or can be accessed on any device as a web page HERE

The other app we use is BAND. If your Rock Star is in one of our core programs (Performance Program or Adult Band) they need to also have the BAND app downloaded so that they can be linked to their relative rehearsal group’s BAND.

We use BAND to share progress, rehearsal notes, and all other information regarding our current show season. It is important for both parents and students to be on BAND so that no information is missed!

The app is great, but how can I better manage my Rock Star’s account?

You can manage your account through the Pike13 Account Dashboard which includes all billing, payment, plans, makeup lesson passes, personal info, private lesson notes, and all the other behind the scenes details…


Your PIKE13 DASHBOARD allows you to:
  • Cancel a lesson - must be 24 hours in advance
  • Schedule your own make up lesson
  • Update your Account & Billing information
  • Login in for a remote lesson
  • Login to the Method App

It also contains information such as:
  • Our Gear Select Catalog
  • Upcoming Johns Creek Events
  • Summer Camp Info
  • School Policies (30 day cancellation, etc)
  • Our Social Media Channels (follow us!)

I’ve heard about hearing protection, but what exactly should I get?

Luckily we sell some of the great earplugs that are designed to last and provide maximum clarity and protection for musicians. Ask the front desk about picking up a pair of ear plugs!

Regular foam earplugs will also work but will cost a fortune compared to our ear plugs as they cannot be reused and are not specifically sized for Rock Star ears of different sizes.

My Rock Star needs new gear, but I don’t want to buy the wrong thing or overspend. What should I do?

An awesome perk of being a School of Rock student is that you get exclusive discount pricing with FREE drop shipping to your house, through our GearSelect Program!

Our current GearSelect Catalog can be found HERE.

Exclusive School of Rock student discounted prices are not listed in the catalog. Please ask your school's manager for exclusive pricing!

Not everything we carry is in the catalog. If you are looking for something and don’t see it in the catalog, please ask the front desk, and we will check the GearSelect inventory for you!

My Rock Star has a remote lesson. How do I get them logged in and where?

We utilize School of Rock Online for our remote lessons. There is a special button on the School of Rock Method App home page that will take students to SOR Online.

SOR Online can also be accessed as a web page HERE.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

You can reach us by calling (678) 580-1882 or through email at johnscreek@schoolofrock.com. Or better yet, just come inside during your next visit to the school. We’d love to meet with you face to face! And your Rock Star’s instructor will be happy to chat with you after the lesson!

I hope this helps you successfully manage your Rock Star!

TJ, DJ, & Sara